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5 Tips for Installing the Lync 2013 Monitoring Reports

The Microsoft documentation for Lync Server 2013 has improved considerably from previous releases. Having recently walked through a couple of installations of the native Lync Monitoring reports, the process is documented much better than in the Office Communication Server days! The documentation related to installing the prerequisite SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) for example is much improved.  

If you are installing the native Lync Server 2013 reports, along with the TechNet documentation, these 5 tips will get you up and running faster.

1] What are the High Level Steps to get the Lync 2013 Monitoring Reports Working?

There are many Microsoft TechNet articles on planning, configuring, deploying, and installing . . . → Read More: 5 Tips for Installing the Lync 2013 Monitoring Reports

A Primer on Lync Audio Quality Metrics

The topic of audio quality can be vast and complex. The purpose of this post is to provide some practical and easy to read guidance on the key metrics used in several Lync Server monitoring reports. This will enable IT professionals to quickly gain insight into the audio quality of a particular Lync call or conference and troubleshoot poor audio quality if need be.

Note: this post is focused on audio metrics for Lync Audio – not enterprise voice audio – although some of the same metrics apply.

See my previous blog post Key Tips to Get Started with Lync Monitoring & Reporting to get started with the Lync Monitoring . . . → Read More: A Primer on Lync Audio Quality Metrics

The Lync 2010 Client Audio Codec Selection in Conferences

An update was recently released to knowledge base article 2614343 which describes a Lync 2010 Client update from November 2011. This update enabled the use of the RTAudio narrowband codec for WAN communication to a Lync 2010 Mediation server without the use of Call Admission Control (CAC).

What is more significant about this update (imho), and easily missed, is that this Lync 2010 client update also affects the audio codec selection used by Lync 2010 client during a conference. The change in codec selection during a conference wasn’t previously advertised in the knowledge base article, so it was updated to reflect that. A more detailed description of the change is . . . → Read More: The Lync 2010 Client Audio Codec Selection in Conferences