Yammer Integration with Skype for Business Online

Skype for Business Online integration directly within the Yammer web client rolled-out in the latter half of 2017. As more organizations adopt Skype for Business Online, Yammer users are leveraging this integration.

This post summarizes the features available, and more importantly, two common issues and how to resolve them.

Feature Recap

At a high level, the SfB integration enables Yammer users:

  • Use basic Skype for Business features in a thin web client embedded directly in the Yammer web client
  • See the SfB presence of other Yammer users and initiate communication with them
  • Receive IM conversations directly within Yammer

Key Limitations:

  • The Yammer user must have a Skype for Business Online license; there is no on-premises account integration
  • There is no direct audio or video communication capabilities, however users can launch calls into the native desktop client from within Yammer
  • There is no integration available (yet) in the Yammer mobile apps

To launch the SfB functionality from the Yammer web client, click the Skype icon from the Yammer navigation bar. This will show a simplified web version of SfB and provide the ability to Search for Contacts, View Presence, and Start IM Conversations as shown here:

To see the Skype presence of a Yammer user, and initiate a call if the rich Skype for Business client is installed, hover over a Yammer user or view their user profile as shown here:

This Microsoft support article has a good feature overview: Use Skype for Business from within Yammer.

To enable this integration, the Yammer user must be able to sign into the Skype for Business web client in Yammer. If there are sign-in problems, it will directly visible when the user attempts to launch the SfB functionality from the Yammer navigation bar as shown here:

Two common issues prevent this from happening.

Problem #1: Select the Right Yammer Network

This is by-far the biggest hurdle to overcome when using SfB integration in Yammer. If the Yammer user is only part of one Yammer network, this likely will not be an issue. The concept and workflow of a Yammer network frequently causes confusion. If you are coming from a SfB or Exchange context, it’s best to think of a Yammer network as a separate ‘tenant’.

If the user is having difficulty signing into SfB in Yammer, they likely have a current network selected that is not part of the organizations SfB company/tenant/domain. To switch networks, select the very-subtle “Settings” icon in the left-hand navigation bar in Yammer as shown here:

Sign-In Problem #2: Authenticated to Office 365 with Another Set of Credentials in a Different Browser

I have seen several cases where even being signed into an Office 365 session in a different browser type, and even in private mode, still causes issue with the Yammer SfB sign-in! I cannot explain this other than the SfB integration is likely using a web and/or authentication component which is shared and does not support multiple authentications with different identities.

Have the user sign out from all other browser sessions, and they will likely be able to successfully login to the simplified SfB client embedded in Yammer.

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