Use Skype for Business Online Audio Conferencing in Teams

A quick blog post to let folks know about an audio conferencing capability in Skype for Business Online (SfBO) that can be leveraged in Microsoft Teams – the ability to use (re-use) your Audio Conferencing configuration.

For example, I am configured for SfBO Audio Conferencing with a bridge number, etc.. in the SfBO Admin Center via an E3 license and Audio Conferencing Add-On.  In Outlook, when I schedule an SfBO meeting, my Audio Conferencing information is included as shown here:

I can also schedule and organize a Teams meeting with the same SfBO Audio Conferencing configuration & bridge as shown here:

The only difference is the Conference ID.

This feature highlights the ability to leverage voice and audio capabilities in SfBO, from Teams.

2 comments to Use Skype for Business Online Audio Conferencing in Teams

  • Jason

    hi, i am unable to do this – i was recently licensed for the audio conf add-on in skype but my audio conf settings do not appear when i schedule a new meeting with the Teams add-in from Outlook any ideas?

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