The Skinny on Skype for Business and Teams

As expected, at Ignite, Microsoft announced their plans around Skype for Business (SfB) and Teams at this session:

Here is what you need to know:

  1. Skype for Business Server will continue and evolve stand-alone product.
    • Brand new refresh of main stream support expected in Q4 of 2018
    • Will also refresh the SfB client during this time
    • Microsoft will continue invest in voice features
    • Will include Team integration in hybrid
  2. Skype for Business Online (SfBO) Features will be available in Teams, and over time the Teams Client will become the client for Users to Consume all Communication and Collaboration Features
    • Features include IM, Presence, Calling, Conferencing, Meetings, Contact & Conversation History, VoiceMail …. all Communication Features!
    • Net new voice investments (client and cloud) will be in Teams
    • Many of the voice and calling features have been built with a new cloud architecture that is expected to provide better quality
    • A screen shot of the new client with the communication features is shown below
  3. Skype for Business Online will still be available as a Separate offering (at least in the short term)
    • There will be a transition period with IT and End-User to transition SfBO users to Teams
    • These controls govern which client is used to consume voice and calling features
  4. Existing SfBO Voice Investments and Configuration will not Change
    • Current Conferencing Bridge numbers in SfBO will not change
    • Current Phone numbers will not change as users transition to teams
  5. Existing SfB and SfBO Phone Devices will Continue to work in Teams
    • Expanding cloud voice and video interop
  6. Skype for Business Room Systems will be Supported
  7. The Skype for Business and and Team Clients can run Side-by-Side, and Users can choose where they consume the communication feautres
    • For example, Can keep chat and calling in Skype if desired

You can see the official blog post here:


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