Skype for Business Online PowerShell Throttling Limits

As many ITPro’s have found out through remote PowerShell scripting against Exchange Online, there are limits. 

The same holds true for Skype for Business Online when using the Skype for Business Online Windows PowerShell Module. These are often an issue when scripting across thousands of objects.  For example, applying a SfBO policy to 15,000 user objects.

The throttling limits are very similar to that in Exchange Online. From experience, here are the hard limits:

  1. 3 concurrent sessions per credential used to connect
  2. 10 concurrent sessions per tenant
  3. Throttle Limits for Resources and Types of Resources
    • A resource is an object, or a type of object such as a Policy, a User, etc….
    • If your PowerShell script is repeatedly taking an action on a specific resource (read/write), or the same type of resource, you will be throttled
    • First, you will get a Warning Message like this one:  “WARNING: Micro delay applied. Actual delayed: 21956 msecs, Enforced: True, Capped delay: 21956 msecs, Required: False, Additional info: ….”
    • Secondly, if your script does not slow down, it will get slower responses to cmdlet’s, etc…
    • Thirdly, if you are really bad, you will be denied access in the form or just no response, or a hard denial depending on the resource and cmdlet.
    • Note: the throttle per resource or resource type happens across all concurrent sessions under the same credential.  Each credential seems to have a resource budget that is consumed regardless of the session.

Special thanks to Gary Hu for his contributions on this blog article.

    2 comments to Skype for Business Online PowerShell Throttling Limits

    • Joseph

      I’m curious if there’s a way to actively find out if I’m being throttled. I received none of the “Micro delay applied” messages but I’ve clearly slowed down.

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