Getting the Distribution of Skype for Business Online Registrar Pools used in an Office 365 Tenant

Much like Skype for Business on-premises users, each Skype for Business Online (SfBO) user has a home pool. This home pool consists of multiple SfB servers running in Office 365 data centers. On sign-in, the each SfBO user establishes a Skype for Business session with one of the SfB servers in that home pool.  It is also the users’ home pool for any conferences they host (organize), which determines where the media (audio, video, screen sharing) is broadcast from. These servers reside in different Office 365 data centers, and knowing which online SfB registrar pools are being used, and by which users, can help troubleshoot sign-in issues, configure firewalls, and understand underlying conferencing performance.

Below is the PowerShell to get a distribution of which online SfBO registrar’s pools are in use for your tenant, and which are used by specific users.

The PowerShell leverages the Skype for Business Online PowerShell module.  It uses the Get-CsOnlineUser cmdlet to retrieve the home registrar pool for each user, and does a simple grouping to figure out how many users are hosted on that online registrar.

#  Retrieves the Skype for Business Online Registrar Pool Distribution

Import-Module -Name SkypeOnlineConnector
$Credential = Get-Credential
$SFBOSession = New-CSOnlineSession -credential $Credential # -OverrideAdminDomain

# supress the output of importing the PS Session (not needed; save in case we do need it)
$output = Import-PSSession $SFBOSession -AllowClobber

$fullUserListing = Get-CsOnlineUser

$registrarPoolDist = @($fullUserListing | Where-Object {$_.RegistrarPool -ne $null} `
    | select RegistrarPool, SipAddress | Group-Object RegistrarPool)

foreach ($regPool in $registrarPoolDist)
    Write-Output ($regPool.Name + " is hosting " + $regPool.Count + " Skype for Business Online Users.")
    foreach ($user in @($regPool.Group))
        Write-Output ("`t`t User: " + $user.SipAddress)

    Write-Output "`n"

# clean up
if ($SFBOSession -ne $null)
    Remove-PSSession $SFBOSession

Here is the sample output from a small North American E3 tenant with 8 SfBO users:


We can see the distribution of the number of users hosted in each online registrar pool, and which users are hosted on them.

The script is published and updated on the TechNet Gallery here:

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