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Key Skype for Business Online Policy Settings

As I work more with enterprises adopting Skype for Business (SfB) Online in Office 365, many questions arise about setting user policies which govern which features which compliance, security, and resource usage.

There are many policies (about 12 that applicable to individual SfB Online users), and each type of policy can have many settings (52 for the Conferencing Policy for example), and it is difficult to know what settings are available, what the individual setting enables/disables, and which ones matter the most.

In my experience the 4 most commonly used SfB Online policies are:

Conferencing External Access Client Voice

The importance of each policy type will depend on what features . . . → Read More: Key Skype for Business Online Policy Settings

Managing Skype for Business Online Administrator Rights

With an Office 365  Skype for Business Online (SfB Online) tenant that has several SfB Administrators, I frequently need to review who has Administrator access – that is – who has the ability to see, and change, SfB settings. This includes everything from SfB service settings, user settings, to permission changes. This blog entry explains the basics for Skype for Business Online administrator permissions and how to easily review them.

The Basics

SfB Online Administrator permissions leverage the default Office 365 Admin Roles and their associated Permissions in Office 365. Office 365 has predefined administrator roles, and each role has a set of permissions which allow the Office 365 user . . . → Read More: Managing Skype for Business Online Administrator Rights