New Lync 2013 Mobile Clients & VOIP have Arrived

April 4, 2013 Update: the Lync 2013 client for Android is now available:

March 12, 2013 Update: the Lync 2013 Mobile Clients for the iPhone, iPad, and the Windows Phone are now available in their respective app stores. These new clients enable voice and video over IP and point-to-point and multi-party video. Here are the links to the respective mobile client downloads:

Important Notes:

  • The new Lync 2013 clients require Lync Server 2013 with CU1 installed or they will not connect (they will return an “incorrect version” error message). This includes the Lync 2013 Edge server. Here is a good blog entry explain this: Why is Lync 2013 Mobile asking me to use Lync 2010?
  • I have heard several reports that the Windows Phone 8 update is only currently available in the US and Canada. Other regions will likely get an “App not available” error when trying to install.  I am not sure when other regions will become available.
  • The iOS clients require iOS 6.x.

You can read more about the recent Lync 2013 Mobile Client release in the Next Hop article here:

As expected at the Microsoft Lync 2013 Conference, the new Lync 2013 Mobile Clients were announced with live demonstrations and the headline feature is support in the Lync 2013 Mobile clients for voice, video, and data collaboration over IP on all major devices allowing Lync voice and video calls over WiFi, 3G, and 4G. This is significant and truly brings full mobility experience to Lync.

No specific release dates were given, but the new Lync 2013 mobile clients for the iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Windows phone are expected in early March.  The Android client is expected in April. Screenshots of the new clients are included below.

The Lync 2013 iPad client demonstration was impressive. In addition to voice and video over IP, users can also share desktops and applications in the Lync meeting experience.

You can see live demo’s of all the mobile client demo’s in the Keynote which is available here: You can skip ahead to see specific clients in action:

  • Windows 8 Mobile: 31:43 (min:sec)
  • Android: 36:51 (min:sec)
  • iPhone: 38:52 (min:sec)
  • iPad: 40:40 (min:sec)

Specifically, today’s announcement enables the following on iPhones, iPad, Windows Phone and Android:

  1. Audio over IP (VOIP) for both Peer-to-Peer and Multiparty (with Gallery View available)
  2. Video over IP
  3. Active Speaker Video

The Lync 2013 mobile clients will need CU1 installed on the Lync 2013 server to stream the audio/video. Read Why is Lync 2013 Mobile asking me to use Lync 2010?” for more information.

Server Compatibility with the Lync 2013 and Lync 2010 Mobile Clients

Below is a table which describes the user experience with the different versions of the mobile clients and the Lync Server 2010 and Lync Server 2013:

  Lync Server 2010 (with Mobility Service) Lync Server 2013 (without “CU1”) Lync Server 2013 (with “CU1”) Lync Server 2013 (with “CU1” but Mobility Disabled)
Lync 2010 Mobile Clients




(plus a notification to upgrade to the latest version of the mobile client)

Error: “Cannot sign in because you are not setup to use Lync 2013”

Lync 2013 Mobile Clients

Error: “You can’t sign in with this version of Lync. Please install Lync 2010”

Error: “You can’t sign in with this version of Lync. Please install Lync 2010”


Error: “Cannot sign in because you are not setup to use Lync 2013”

Other Noteworthy Points about Lync Mobile

  • In the testing done to-date the battery usage has been very good (even on the iOS). The push notification methods are proving to be very efficient.
  • Microsoft is not leveraging Apple’s push notification service; they have their own.
  • BlackBerry is on the roadmap, but there are no timelines but Microsoft is actively looking at.
  • Desktop and application sharing for all major smartphones are on the roadmap for the future.
  • There are settings on the all mobile clients to control whether Wi-Fi is required for Voice and Video
  • Lync Server 2013 Administrative Controls exist to control the mobile experience for things such as the ability to:
    • Require Wi-Fi for IP Audio and Video
    • Limit data usage by employees
    • Block push notifications
    • Disabling saving history
  • Android tablets are on the roadmap but no current specific plans
  • The Lync mobile clients will support call-via-work with VoIP

Here are some screenshots of the new Lync 2013 Mobile client on various devices from the keynote:

Windows Phone 8









Mobility Feature List


You can read more about this announcement and others at the Lync 2013 conference here:

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