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  • eman

    Hi there,

    I have a Lync Ent 2010 deployment with Edge. As of now Lync PC Client and Lync Mobile are working externally and internally. Unfortunately Lync Metro App on windows 8 wont connect properly because when I change the sip address to our internal domain e.g. user1@contoso.local, the user can login to Lync Metro App locally. When I change the sip address to what we use e.g. user1@contoso.com, it won’t login. Lync PC Client and Android Mob clients can login fine using user1@contoso.com using Autodiscovery.

    Also, when I connect the Lync Metro App it says that the server is using incompatible version which like I said internally I can login when sip address is changed to match internal domain. Hope you can help me out on this.

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