Updated Lync iPhone Client is Available

A quick post to pass along that a new version of the Lync client for the iPhone is available.  This update resolves the issue where multiple push notification would occur for a single IM under specific circumstances (listed in the associated KB article below).

The updated iPhone client is available on the iTunes AppStore here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/microsoft-lync-2010-for-iphone/id484293461?mt=8.

The corresponding KB article is here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2728915.

Note: users should sign-out of the Lync application before applying the update.  This will avoid abnormal termination of the Lync session.

5 comments to Updated Lync iPhone Client is Available

  • Clark Fillinger

    When will Lync 2013 for iPhone be available?

  • When will the Lync iPhone app support video conferencing, like WebEx?

  • Carl Swenson

    When will the iPhone client support the option to save the user’s password when logging in? We can do this on the WP7 and Android clients, but not on the iPhone clients. This has been a big hinderance for us to start pushing the client to our work phones.

    • hi Carl, I have not heard when this will change and I suspect there are technical and/or security reasons for requiring the password each time (having said that I just realized the the mail client manages to save and do it once with Exchange on the iPhone).

      I will try to find out.


      • Carl, i have it from unofficial sources that the issue is that the iOS platform will allow a password to be saved, but since the Lync client does not offer a way for users to NOT save their password automatically and you cannot enforce a PIN lock on the device like you can with Exchange ActiveSync, the decision was made to not save the password upon signing out.

        This behavior will likely be changed in Lync 2013.

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