December 2011 Updates for Microsoft Lync Server

In mid-December 2011, Microsoft released an update for Lync Server 2010. This flew under the radar for many people, including myself, because the update is distributed under the same knowledge base article (KB 2493736) and download link as the previous November 2011 CU4 update.

This was done to ensure that a couple of post-CU4 updates made their way into the current Windows Update cycle instead of having to wait until next quarter. Note, this December update shouldn’t be confused with a small re-release of the November CU4 update that happened in early December (a missed standalone MSP was added).

The December 2011 update includes updates to the Front-End, Core Components, Web Components, and Web Conferencing server.

Note: if you had installed the original November 2011 CU4, there is no SQL back-end updates in this December 2011 updates.

If you had not installed CU4 until mid-December, and are unsure of what you have applied, you are best to just download the December 2011 update cumulative installer (LyncServerUpdateInstaller.exe) and run it on each Lync server role. It will explicitly show what needs to be updated (if anything).

One update that you might find immediately useful is the ability to control file transfers to federated partners (see – An update is available to enable the control of the file transfer through the Access Edge service in a Lync Server 2010 environment). In a nutshell you can now use the New-CsImFilterconfiguration cmdlet to block file transfers to federated contacts.

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