Microsoft Lync 2010 for the iPhone and iPad Released

February 23, 2012 Update:

A significant update was made to the Android client. The big news is that the Android client now supports call via work. Ken Lasko has an excellent write-up on this update at:

The long awaited official Microsoft Lync 2010 clients for the iPhone and iPad were released on the Apple App Store this morning:

  1. iPhone:
  2. iPad:

A good tip from Tommy Clarke is to watch for Lync iOS clients connected through a corporate WiFi that do not have the root Certificate Authority installed:

This completes the Lync client releases for all major smartphone platforms. Earlier this month the Android and Windows 7 Phone clients were made available:

  1. Android:
  2. Windows Phone 7:

See the prior Lync 2010 Mobility Service and Documentation Available blog post for information on deploying the server-side pieces to allow the mobile clients to function.

Microsoft TechNet has a good table showing all the supported feature sets on the various mobile clients:

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