The Microsoft Lync 2010 Adoption & Training Tools

Microsoft recently released 8 Microsoft Lync tools as part of an Adoption and Training Kit:

This week I tried three of them: the Tabbed Conversation tool, the Information Dashboard, the Conversations Analyzer add-on. This blog post details my experience and includes some tips to save you time if you are curious about these tools.

Note: Each tool is a separate download. All the Lync tools have end-user guides which you will likely need.  The user-guide is available at the no-so-obvious link and the end of the tool description on the download site.

Information Dashboard Add-In for the Lync Client

This is a Lync client add-on which provides the following basic information about the Lync contact that you have an IM session with:

  • Local day and time
  • Current Weather and Forecast


  • The dashboard needs to be manually launched from the Lync conversation window for every new Lync session :-(.
  • The location of the contact needs to be manually entered.
  • It does remember the location you enter for a specific contact :-).

Here is a screenshot and how you launch the information dashboard from the conversation window in Lync.

Tabbed Conversations for the Lync Client

This UC application allows multiple Lync conversations in a tabbed window that is separate from the Lync client. The windows supports Presence in the tab headers.

This is a completely separate application from the Lync client and as such it needs to be launched out from the Start | Programs:


  • The Tabbed Conversations application must be running alongside the Lync client. If Lync is restarted, Tabbed Conversations must also be restarted :-(.
  • When a new conversation is initiated with a contact from the Lync client, a new tabbed window is launched in the Tabbed conversation application window.

Conversation Translator for the Lync Client

This Lync client add-on allows parties in a Lync conversation to converse in their native language. Currently it supports translation between 35 languages.


  • This is a Silverlight application that is manually enabled in the Conversation window options when you start an IM session with a contact.
  • The Conversation Translator needs to be manually launched each a conversation is initiated with a Contact :-(.
  • The text to be translated needs to be translated in the separate Converter text box and copied and pasted it into the Lync conversation window :-(.

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