April 2011 Cumulative Update for Lync 2010

A cumulative update package for Lync 2010 was released today.

The description of the cumulative update package for April 2011 is described in KB article 2496325: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2496325.  This article includes links to download both the x32 and x64 packages (half way through the article).

There were several user-visible Lync 2010 Client hotfixes in this update such as the issue of not being update to publish the Presence calendar data of a user when their SMTP address contained uppercase letters.

Lync Client Updates

Lync Attendee Updates

Lync Attendant Update

Lync Group Chat Updates

Lync Phone Edition Updates

6 comments to April 2011 Cumulative Update for Lync 2010

  • Tommy Doan

    Curtis, I wanted to wait until the April round of Microsoft updates was released today to respond. I confirmed that no Lync updates are included with the others, and the Lync product(s) still do not appear in WSUS or in the Microsoft Update Catalog.

    I had also received the comment about the standard delay in deploying updates to MU/WSUS also, but since KB 2493736 was released in February, that rationale doesn’t appear to hold water.

    Ensyst, thanks for confirming. I’ve reached out to several Microsoft messaging contacts, and I agree that something appears to be delaying the standard release process, but no one is divulging any insights.

    • Tommy, this is what I’ve been told:

      Updates from Lync product team are usually released on Microsoft Update the 4th Tuesday of every month (not the typical patch Tuesday). For this to happen, the Lync team must submit the updates to MU at the beginning of the month because it is a process which takes several weeks.

      The recent April Lync Update was too late to include on the 4th Tuesday of April, so it will be released in May (the 4th Tuesday of May I assume).

      I am still having trouble getting an answer to why the February update is not showing up (like you say). My *guess* is that it never made its way to MU and the recent April update is the first Lync update to do so, which is why the product/category does not show up in MU/WSUS.

      I’ll update this thread if I get a good answer to that one.


  • Nope Tommy, it seems that Lync still isn’t in WSUS, and the powers that be are remarkably silent on this one.

    I’m guessing there’s some internal finger-pointing going on, to which we’re not privy.

    For the time being, DON’T update your Client Policy in an attempt to force the updates, as this will only highlight the problem to your users. Use an alternate means to deploy CU2…

    – Greig.

  • Tommy Doan

    Updates are still apparently not available through WU or WSUS. Any word on that?

    • Hi Tommy,
      I wanted to get a good answer before responding. I am told that the Lync updates will/should be there.

      It can take up to two months after the updates are available on the download center before they are available to Microsoft Update and WSUS. The recent April 2011 updates to both the Client and Server will be made available. Until the first update is published, the Lync product will not show up.

      The only thing I am not sure of is if this (the April 2011) update is the first Lync update to be published. I thought there was a previous Lync client update that was made available through MU/WSUS, but I could be mistaken.


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