Microsoft Lync PowerShell Cheat Sheet

The Microsoft Lync PowerShell Cheat Sheet is convenient quick reference card for PowerShell use with Lync Server 2010. It will help you get started, accomplish frequent management tasks, and provide tips for particular ‘gotchas’.

The 5-page pdf file is hosted on the PowerGUI website but can be downloaded through here:

This cheat sheet covers everything from Getting Started, Permissions, Working with Lync Users, the Topology (Sites, Pools, Servers, Computers), Client Policies, Devices, the Address Book, and Policy Scopes.

It was a lot of effort and I tried to cover all frequent management tasks, but if you feel something is missing or incorrect, please let me know.

Special thanks to fellow PowerShell MVP Kirk Munro ( for all of his PowerShell expertise and help!

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